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Australian Shepherds are one of the most wonderful breeds in existence. If you want Aussiedoodle puppies - Ontario that are as fun to be around on any given day with their playful attitude and adorable antics, then look no further than our Miniature Australian Shepherd or playful Toy & Miniature Aussiedoodle puppies - Ontario, contact us today.

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I contacted Dana explaining that our youngest was diagnosed as autistic and that we were looking for a puppy that would not only be a family pet but hopefully be a puppy that would be a good emotional support animal for our son who is the youngest of four. Dana was confident that any of her puppies had the temperament and personality to fulfil what we were looking for. We visited Dana to meet her and her dogs and were very impressed with what we seen, the dogs were so sweet and gentle. We ended up getting the perfect Miniature Australian Shepherd puppy from Dana, that we named Meria. Meria is great with the kids and is especially patient with our youngest. I can't say enough good things about Meria and I would recommend Select Kennels to any family.

- Crosby-Myers family

We have just adopted a 5 Year Old Miniature Aussie named Emma from Dana and what a wonderful experience we are having. She has adapted so amazingly well and is giving us so much love we don't know what to do with it all. Dana felt Emma would be a good fit for us as we have 3 cats and she was absolutely right - everything is going so smoothly. Emma's temperment is perfect and she is an extremely smart dog. We are so glad we adopted an adult rather than a puppy at this stage of our lives. We would highly recommend Select Kennels for anyone wanting a puppy or older dog!

- Marlene & Wayne

We are thrilled to have adopted an adult dog from Select Kennel. Annie is a healthy, happy Miniature Aussie Shepherd and a perfect fit for our Toronto lifestyle. She offers us the pleasures of dog ownership without the messiness of the puppy stage. We look forward to many years of companionship.

- Henry Kim

Thank you Dana, we are so happy with our new addition to the family. Cinnamon has adapted to our routine very well which maybe took a month. She is very smart and was very easy to potty train. Her temperament is wonderful. Love's people and has been a joy to our family. In the morning she grabs me with both paws around my one arm and will not let go, that's her morning hug. She is truly a joy! I would recommend Select Kennel to anyone who is looking for a dog. Dana you were very helpful and answered all my concerns.

- Sylvie

Our little Pippin is now 9 & 1/2 weeks old. He has adjusted very well and he is already potty trained, sits, leaves it, crate trained and he loves his bed. He is so smart! Thank you for helping choose Pippin for us. You definitely know your dogs and you have picked the perfect puppy for us. He is everything you said he would be. Dana, we can't thank you enough.

- Roxanne & Family

We purchased our Toy Poodle Misty a year ago from Select Kennels, who are wonderful and caring breeders. Misty was only about 3 months old when she kept bumping my breast which I thought was odd. Not knowing at the time I had breast cancer. A few months later I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Misty knew and is always in tune with my well being. Since surgery recently and after healing, Misty has never bumped me again. Misty is our precious gem and is so smart.
Thank you Select Kennels for breeding such a perfect dog for us.

- Gary & Brenda

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