Bringing Home a New Puppy

May 27, 2022

When you're looking for mini Australian shepherd puppies for sale in Ontario, you’ll find yourself excited to spoil your adorable puppy. However, the more vital decision you'll need to make is where to get your new furry friend. Many options are available for finding mini Aussie doodle puppies for sale, but not all sources are created equal.

This article will cover some things to keep in mind when taking a new puppy to your home. If it so happens that you don’t have a mini Australian shepherd puppy yet, don’t worry, we’ve also included some suggestions to help you choose a kennel or breeder.

Puppy Preparation Checklist

Puppy food to support growth

Premium puppy food is very important to a puppy's growth and well-being. Check with the breeder ahead of time, so the puppy continues on the same food after taking them home.

Food and water bowls

Puppies may be sensitive to plastic bowls, and they would need to be made out of food-grade plastic. Stainless steel bowls are the preferred choice. They are very durable, easily cleaned, and can't be chewed on. 


Make sure the crate has room for your puppy to stand up with added headroom, turn around, lie down and stretch out in the crate. Don't make it too large because your puppy may use part of it to potty. 


Choose bedding for their crate that is easy to clean. Also, it's nice to include the blanket provided by the breeder that smells like their doggie family members. Don't use pee pads in the crate, as you don't want them to potty in their bed.


Your puppy will most likely come with a toy from the breeder. It is always good to have at least one or two small chuckit rubber balls on hand. Squeaky toys are also fun for your puppy to drag around. Ensure the items are durable and won't break off when chewed on.

Chewable items

Puppies need things to chew on when teething. The first choice for a chewable is free-range bully sticks that are natural and safe for puppies and dogs of all ages. Antlers can be too hard for smaller puppies, and dogs and rawhide can rip off and be swallowed in chunks. 

Cleaning supplies

There is always the likelihood that your puppy can have a potty accident in the house. We suggest using baking soda, which neutralizes the acidic urine smell. Once dry, you vacuum the area completely. If for any reason a little odor remains you can follow with a spray made of vinegar and water.

Collar and leash

Choose a collar or harness that adjusts as your puppy grows. Confirm it is snug enough not to slip over their head and loose enough so your puppy isn't bothered by it. Check the fit before going outside with your new puppy. 

Grooming equipment

Since your puppy will have a soft wavy coat, you will want to choose a small slicker brush and nail clippers designed for dogs. We usually prefer the guillotine-type nail trimmers, but the regular kind will suffice.  

Hygiene products

Choose a small toothbrush, toothpaste, and dog shampoo designed for puppies. Always check the ingredients before purchasing. 

Puppy-proof your home

Puppies are curious and enjoy exploring their new surroundings. Your home must be puppy-proof before picking your new puppy up. 

Toxic house plants

It's best to pick all house plants, but if not, double-check that the ones you have aren't toxic for your new family member. Remove plants like lillies, ivy, aloe vera, zamioculcas, dieffenbachia, caladium, and cyclamen. 


It is always good to supervise a puppy while they roam the house. If you cannot supervise, it's a good time to crate them or use a puppy playpen. 

Backyard fencing and gates

Before bringing the puppy home, make sure there are no gaps under the fence or gate. If there are gaps, you can set up a puppy playpen to use when they aren't on their leash. 

First aid kit

Gauze bandage rolls, non-stick bandages, adhesive tape, cotton balls, hydrogen peroxide, thermometer, small scissors, and tweezers.

Mini Aussiedoodle Puppy care – the first few weeks

When you first bring one home, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. Here are some tips to help you care for your mini Aussie doodle puppy during those first few weeks: 

  • Create a safe, quiet space for your mini Aussie doodle to sleep and eat in. This will help them feel secure and comfortable in their new environment. 
  • Start potty training right away. Puppies have small bladders, so they will need to go often. Choose a spot outside where you want them to go and regularly take them there. 
  • Puppies usually potty first thing in the morning, after eating or drinking, after a nap and playtime. They will also potty before bed. 
  • Feed your puppy on a schedule so you know when they will have to go potty throughout the day. 
  • Talk to your licensed, provincially inspected breeder for more information on how to best potty train your puppy. 
  • Mini Aussiedoodles are playful and love to explore! Be sure to provide plenty of toys and chews  to keep them occupied. And make sure you have time for daily walks and playtime. 
  • Mini Aussiedoodles are playful and love to explore! Be sure to provide plenty of toys and chews  to keep them occupied. And make sure you have time for daily walks and playtime.  
  • Mini Aussiedoodles love attention and affection. Give them plenty of cuddles, belly rubs, and back scratches. 

By following these simple tips, you'll be sure to bond with your mini Aussiedoodle quickly and create a lifetime of memories together.

Some suggestions on choosing a trusted kennel or breeder if you're still picking one.

Deciding whether to get a mini Aussiedoodle puppy from a kennel or breeder

Licensed and provincially inspected kennels and breeders in Ontario are the best places to look for mini Australian shepherd puppies for sale. Doing your research is key before deciding which breeder to choose.

Choosing an ethical, knowledgeable, licensed, provincially inspected breeder is important before choosing a mini Aussie doodle puppy.

Licensed and provincially inspected kennels and breeders can be more expensive, but they have better quality, genetically sound, healthy mini Aussie doodle puppies. 

It is important to buy your mini Aussie doodle puppy from an ethical breeder that raises their puppies in a clean, loving, well socialized environment. 

Ultimately, where to get your mini Aussie doodle puppy is up to you.

Factors to consider when choosing a mini Aussiedoodle breeder or kennel


Mini Aussie doodles come in all different sizes. Be sure to select a trusted mini Aussie doodle breeder or kennel with the size of the mini Aussie doodle you are looking for.


It is crucial to select a mini Aussie doodle from a licensed, provincially inspected breeder or kennel with a good reputation. Ask for recommendations or do some research online.

Genetic Guarantee

Be sure to select a mini Aussiedoodle Breeder or Kennel with a 3-year genetic guarantee for their mini Aussiedoodles. This will help ensure you are getting a healthy, genetically sound puppy. 


Be sure to read and understand the contract before you sign it. This will help protect you and your mini Aussie doodle puppy in the future. Make sure the contract is straightforward and buyer-friendly.

How to find reputable mini Aussie doodle breeders and kennels

If you're looking for mini Australian shepherd puppies for sale in Ontario, it's essential to find a reputable breeder or kennel. 

The Australian shepherd-poodle cross is popular for families looking for a small, intelligent, loyal dog. But with the increasing popularity of the mini Aussie doodle, more breeders and kennels are popping up every day. 

So how can you find a reputable mini Aussie doodle breeder or kennel? Here are three tips:

Do your research.

It is always best to call the breeder and ask questions like can I talk to your vet? Is it possible to meet the puppies' parents when I visit them? Read through the website and make sure they align with your way of thinking. Ask the breeder if they are a licensed, provincially inspected kennel or breeder. This will help you understand the difference between a good breeder and a bad one.

Ask around.

Talk to people walking their dogs, friends, family, and vets to see if they know of any reputable mini Aussie doodle breeders or kennels. Look for a breeder or kennel that is knowledgeable, licensed and provincially inspected.

Get referrals.

Once you have narrowed down your list of potential breeders or kennels, ask them for references from past customers. A reputable mini Aussiedoodle breeder or kennel should have no problem providing you with references from happy customers. Try and make sure they are not a relative to the breeder or kennel.

Ask a lot of questions. A trusted, knowledgeable, licensed, inspected Kennel and breeder will be happy to provide you with answers.  

Mini Aussiedoodle breeders and kennels to avoid

Many mini Aussiedoodle breeders and kennels are out there, but not all of them are created equal. Some are far better than others regarding their care for their puppies and how they treat their customers.

Here are five mini Aussiedoodle breeders and kennels to avoid:

1.  The first breeder to avoid is the one that offers mini Aussie doodle puppies for sale without any health guarantees. This is a major red flag, as the breeder is not committed to ensuring healthy puppies.

2.  The second breeder on our list does not allow potential buyers to meet the puppies' parents before purchasing. This is also a red flag since it indicates that the breeder may be hiding something about the health or temperament of the parent dogs.

3.  The third breeder to stay away from is someone who may seem to be price gouging. Puppy mills and poor quality breeders don't spend money to care for their dogs like good breeders. This bad practice is common for popular breeds, and unfortunately, it includes mini Aussiedoodles

On the other hand, quality breeders do so much more for their puppies and thus charge higher prices. The best thing to do is ask the breeder if they are a licensed, provincially inspected kennel or breeder.

4.  Fourth, some breeders do not require buyers to sign a contract for a puppy before taking it home. This is a big red flag, as it means that the breeder is not committed to holding buyers accountable for the health and well-being of their mini Aussiedoodles.

5.  Finally, call around to various breeders with a list of questions.Breeders who refuse to provide potential buyers with a lot of information and references from past customers should be avoided.. This might be the most important warning, as it indicates that the breeder has something to hide and is not confident in their ability to provide mini Aussiedoodles of good health and temperament.

Avoid mini Aussiedoodle breeders and kennels that exhibit any red flags. By doing your research and finding a reputable mini Aussiedoodle breeder, you can be sure you are bringing home a healthy and well-adjusted puppy.

What sets quality breeders apart

Quality breeders that do so much more for their puppies may charge higher prices. The puppy mills right now are all over the place with pricing. Quality breeders should have higher prices than  puppy mills because of the quality, care and customer service  they provide before, during, and years after taking the puppy home.

Trusted kennels and breeders:

  • selectively choose bloodlines to produce the happiest, healthiest, kindest, intelligent puppies ever. Trusted kennels and breeders are licensed and provincially inspected. You know your puppy will be raised in an ethical, clean and loving environment.
  • enjoy chatting on the phone and meeting prospective puppy parents in person. Trusted kennels and breeders feed their dogs and puppies premium food.
  • assure you the background and guarantee the health of each dog they breed.
  • raise their dogs and puppies with lots of love and provide the utmost care. 
  • believe dogs and puppies should be family members first.
  • puppies are family raised and lovingly socialize with children and other dogs. 
  • buy their dogs and puppies Bully stick chews and toys to play with.  Trusted kennels and breeders take their puppies to a licensed veterinary to do health exams and vaccination.
  • will provide information about the veterinarian they use for their puppies and dogs. 
  • will answer their phone day and night or call you back ASAP to answer any question you may have before and for years after taking your puppy home. 
  • give their moms a break and never overbreed their mothers. 
  • never inbreed their dogs to guarantee healthy, happy puppies. 
  • make sacrifices to raise their puppies the right way because they love their dogs unconditionally. 
  • have their moms and dads groomed by professional groomers. 
  • puppies make great candidates for therapy, comfort or service work because of their laid back and friendly personalities. 
  • take their reputation seriously and stand behind every puppy they produce. 

Quality breeders promote natural ways to provide flea and tick protection for their puppies. These are just some of the reasons why you should choose a trusted, provincially inspected kennel and breeder. It’s important to buy mini Aussiedoodle puppies for sale in Ontario from a licensed breeder. 

Select Kennels - Your Quality Breeder in Ontario

Select Kennels is your quality breeder for mini Aussiedoodle puppies for sale in Ontario. 

At Select Kennels, we go above and beyond to provide our dogs and puppies with the utmost care. We believe that our dogs are family first. Select Kennels uses state of the art equipment in our puppy nursery to provide the best of care to our newborn puppies.

We provide a healthy, clean, safe, heated and cooled environment for our dogs and puppies. Through experience, dedication and care, we have created a loving atmosphere for our dogs and puppies. When looking for mini Australian Shepherd puppies for sale in Ontario, purchase from Select Kennels. This way, you can sure that your potential pet has the best possible upbringing ever. 

Plus, when it comes to customer service, we are available day and night, to answer questions and provide helpful information. We are happy to help you look for the perfect mini Australian Shepherd puppies for sale in Ontario for your family.

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